Energy (September 21–25, 2005)

Energy - Contributions by Photographer’s Name



Robert Julian Agnel:
Terry Fox 'Energy of the human spirit'
Rodrigo Alarcón-Cielock:
The Green Building
Dave Albright:
Alternate Energy - Solar Wind and Hydro
Pat Albright:
Alternate Energy Part 2
Andy Alpern:
Golan Heights Wind Farm
Markus Altendorff:
Another pylon panorama
Milko K. Amorth †:
Eric Anderson:
Desert Windmills
Patricio Armijo:
Central Hidroeléctrica Rapel
Bryant Arnett:
Los Angeles Department of Water and Power


G. Donald Bain:
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Art Baltrotsky:
Art of Living - Stillwater Studio
Mark Banas:
6 Billion electron-volts and 1 tiny crystal
Margaret Bazura:
Forging The Blue Line
Luis Benitez:
Casa Solar: Producción alterna de energía para la sobrevivencia sustentable
Kat Bennett:
Progressive Energy
Landis Bennett:
Big Geysers (Calpine 13) Geothermal Power Plant
Florian Bertzbach:
42,195 km
F. Sean Bickford:
Kakabeka Falls HydroElectric Station
Robert Bilsland:
An Early British Trackway (Or Ley Line).
Irene Blueth:
Ittay Bodell:
Energetic city
Andrew Bodrov:
Energy of Muscles
Roberto Bolzan:
Fields, Wires and Transformer Station
Martin Bond:
Flying with Fire Energy
Patrick Born:
Gulf Energy: Morning of Hurricane Rita @ Corpus Christi, Texas
Norma Boylan:
Sun and Wind Power
Peter Braatz:
Energy - It Should Be Saved!
Christian Braut:
Wind Energy
Finn Brose:
Wil Brugman:
1 Fusion reactor, 1 bike and 2 x 10 MJ Kinetic Energy
Betka Burger:
Boštjan Burger:
Tesla Coil
Craig A. Busch:
Hurricane Rita


Marc Candalo:
The Hydroelectric Dam of the Lake of Sainte Croix du Verdon
Miguel Carrasco Q.:
Museo Ferroviario
Patrick Cheatham:
The Energy of Love and Friendship
Carlos Chegado:
Barreiro Thermal Central, Roadside View.
Jed Clark:
Hunters Point Power Plant
Uri Cogan:
Solar Energy Toys & Educational Kits
Tim Cooper:
Wind Farm
Nick Crossland:
Sheffield Energy Recovery Facility
Richard Crowest:


Frank van Dam:
"Rijn en Zon"
Giancarlo De Leo:
(Meta)physics energy
John G. Dobbins:
Nine Canyon Wind Project
Scott Doenges:
The Secret Garden of Salt Lake
Richard C. Drew:
Le Morte d'Energy
Tito Dupret:
Energie cosmique


Carl von Einem:
Netradio - Radio Waves Reaching a World Wide Audience


John Fellers:
Energy Forces
Ignacio Ferrando:
Save Energy with Bikes
Mark Fink:
Buddy, Can You Spare an Arm and a Leg?
Edward S. Fink:
Aerial Panorama of Biloxi after Hurricane Katrina
Robert C. Fisher:
Johnny's Bench
Francis Fougere:
Sir Adam Beck Generating Stations
Martin Frech:
Zsolt Frei:
Interim Storage Facility for the Spent Fuel at the Paks Nuclear Power Plant
Martin Frost:
Refinery of Gdansk
W.D. Fuchs:
Power Lines
Yasuhiro Fujimoto:
Takasago Thermal Power Station
Tom Fulmer:
One Horsepower


Toni Garbasso:
From Model to Reality
Antonio Victor Garcia-Serrano, PhD:
Old Power Transformer - Currently the Tourist Info
Nathan Gasser:
66th Street, Avalon
Elizabeth Gentile:
Harnessing the Energy of the Human Body
James Gentles:
Kincardine Pylons
David Gerhard:
Rushlake Creek Wind Power Site
Lorenzo Giotti:
Geothermal Plant, Larderello
Christopher Glick:
Mansfield Roller Mill
David Goldwasser:
Two-Thirds Horsepower Oxygen Fueled Car
Wim Gombeer:
Roberto Gómez Torres:
The Oaxtepec Greenhouse
Felipe González y Aura Castro:
"Man at the Crossroads Looking with Hope and High Vision to the Choosing of a New and Better Future"
Ralph Greene:
Morning Workout
Sacha Griffin:
Tallulah Falls Dam


Robert S. Haan:
Lake Houston after Hurricane Rita
Jérôme Habasque:
Energy Headquarters
Scott Haefner:
Brooklyn Wind Turbine
Hans Hagen:
Vemork Hydroelectric Power Station
Gabi Haindl:
The Fiery Elias
Steve Hamilton:
Sunrise from Strawberry Rock
Andrzej Harasz:
Heat from the Cold Water
K. Wayne Heil:
Project Habitat Electrical Substation
Dan Heimsoth:
Shearon Harris
Bruce Hemming:
Night and Day
Grant Hermanson:
Storm Energy
Aldo Hoeben:
Powerlines Over a Foggy Landscape
Don Hofstee:
Musical Energy
Guido Homberger:
Hello Vienna - Zurich Calling!
Mark Houston:
In Motion
Roger Howard:
The Energetic Exchange of Ideas
Martin Hrdlička:
Cement Plant and the Quarry
Edward Huff:
Manchester Station, Providence


Paul Iliffe:
Energy Ball
Andrey Ilyin:
The Turnover of Energy in Nature
Shuji Inoue:
Wind Power Generation of Aso
Sachio Izumi:
Structure of Nuclear Power Generation


aleksandar janicijevic:
Dundas Square
Tudor Jenkins:
Our Daily Energy Needs


Willy Kaemena:
Clean Power for Clean Transport
Dean Karamehmedovic:
Kahe Point Power Plant
Terry Kelly:
Sports Viewer Potential Difference
Erik Krause:
Modern Water Wheel
Markus Krueger:
The Blacksmith


Juhani Laiho:
Klåsarö Power Plant
Alan Legg:
Horsey Wind Turbine
Rusu Laurentiu:
Silent Energy
Brooks Leffler:
Cottonwood's Marvelous Methane Machine
Andy Leffler:
Kilauea Iki
Éric Lerch:
Wild Swans Migration
Jook Leung:
Painting with Light in Times Square
Yuval Levy:
Yischon Liaw:
Urban Energy
Jim Liesenfeld:
The Garden of Infinite Compassion
Mike Lin:
The Beginning of a Busy Day
Gang Liu:
Piazza of Kunming,Yunnan,China
Joakim Löber:
Blast Furnace No. 5
Bo Lorentzen:
Historical Oil Rig


Simon Maguire:
Spotswood Pumping Station
Roberto Mancuso:
Mind and Arms Energy
Giorgio Marchetto:
"Valle delle Sfingi": Nature's Energy
Jeffrey S. Martin:
Nuclear Waterfall
Isaac Martinez:
Electricity Towers in Heredia
Chiara Masiero Sgrinzatto:
Tesi's Sketches
Jürgen Matern:
Historic Hammer Mill (Outside)
Markus Matern:
Historic Hammer Mill (Inside)
Peter McCready:
The Large Hadron Collider ATLAS Experiment
Michael McKelvey:
Ballycopeland Windmill
Ken McMahon:
Sjoerd Dirk Meijer:
Powerplant Harculo
Luis Mestre:
Ice and Fire
Nick Milligan:
Alfredo Mora Izaguirre:
Energía infantil
Thomas Mottl:
Inside a Steam engine


Katsufumi Nagamine:
Earth Deep Part Inquiry Ship "CHIKYU"
Urmas Narits:
A Place to Get Some Energy
Lee Nelson:
Altamont Pass Wind Farm - Renewable Energy Resource
Ben Nelson:
Starfish Hill Wind Farm
Joachim Nickel:
Top of a Wind Turbine
Jakob Norstedt-Moberg:
Production of Ethanol for Car Fuel by Sekab
Andrew Novinc:
Untapped Child Labour
Hans Nyberg †:
Wind energy in Denmark-Vindmøller
Peter Nyfeler:
Energy and Tourism


Peter O'Donnell:
Why I Can Never Find Anything
Brian O'Reilly:
The Sun
Michael J. Oistad:
Power Transmission Tower
Erik Olsen:
Dead Energy Factory


Rodolpho Pajuaba:
First Holy Communion Ceremony, Colégio Bom Jesus
Chintak Panchal:
A Huge Windmill Farm
Mital Patel:
Windmill Farm - on the Coast of Gujarat
Laura Pearson:
Inside the Bounce House
Steve Pendleton:
Ratcliffe Moorings
Mats Persson:
Close Clean, Buy Dirty
Norman Peters:
The Insatiable Energy of a Lightning Strike
Clemens Pfeiffer, MBA:
Turbine 1
Tom Pollak:
Huntington Falls Hydroelectric Power
Piotr Popik:
Wind-Power Station in Gaj
Tobias Port:
The Data Center
Roberto Portolese:
Mike Posehn:
California ISO Control Center
Simon Pukl:
The Old Machine House in the Fala Power Plant


Mahmood Rashid Khan:
Gulf Oil & Gas: Ensuring Economic Security
Thomas Rauscher:
Cup of Coffee
Andrew Reid:
MEA Gas Turbine Power Station
Oliver Rennen:
High Voltage Transformer Station
Gábor Rév:
Potato Casserole
Iñaki Rezola:
And Night Turned to Day...
Rolf Ris:
Thomas Rist:
Transmitter Hornisgrinde
Denis Roncali:
Ivy on Energy Support
Pat Rooney:
Sandy Beach
George Row:
Altahullion Wind Farm
Brandon Rowell:
Mississippi River Lock and Dam #2 St. Paul District
Kerry Rudy:
KUA Power Substation


Martin Sammtleben:
Nesjavellir Geothermal Power Station
Gerardo A. Sanchez:
Inside a Telescope - Dentro de un Telescopio
Andy Savage:
Masson Mills Textile Museum
David Schaubert:
The Energy of Youth
Helmut Schierer:
For How Long?
Mario W. Schild:
High Energy - Oktoberfest 2005, Munich
Reinhard Schmolze:
Solar Energy Houses
John E Schwarzell:
Rock Concert at Hollywood's Whisky A Go-Go
Fritz Seyffert:
Steam Turbine
Norman Shapiro:
Uncle Nana's Taro Patch
Vladimir Shirokov:
High Voltage Testing Area of Electrical Engineering Department, Saint Petersburg State Technical University
Pedro Silva:
Power Pylon
Philip Silver:
Carlton SooHoo, Ph.D.:
Kenmore Square and Citgo Sign
Josh von Staudach:
Waste Combustion Power Plant
Christian Stehle:
Water Power Station
Shawn Steigner:
Photovoltaic Solar Cell Panel Outdoor Test Facility- National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Skip Steuart:
Success Story or Solar Train Wreck?
Paul Stewart:
Energy to Learn
Scott Stillman:
Saving Energy With My 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid
Michael Stoss:
Steam Engine from 1856 with 135 hp
Tom! Striewisch:
Gas Station
Ken Stuart:
150,000 Calories


Yoshito Takagi:
What Excessive Energy Brings
Christopher K. Talbot:
The Day After the Storm
Mickael Therer:
Famine relief
Olivier Thoby:
Wind Mills in Lauragais
Michel Thoby:
Very High Voltage
Alexander Thomsen:
Renewable Energy
Christoph Tobler:
Moulin Seigneurial


Erik Van den Broeck:
Preetjes Molen
Bruno Vandermarliere:
Feeding the Human Powerplant
Andrew Varlamov:
Monument to Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr. Andrei Sakharov
Luca N Vascon:
Energy of Creation
Koen Verschaeren:
Energy - Fuel - Street Lights
Bernhard Vogl:
Paddle Steamer Gisela
Klaus Voigt:
Historical Windmill


Harald Walker:
Richard Wall:
Celtic Classic Annual 5k Run
Bill Ward:
Steam Train
Troy Ward:
Fat Man
William Wertz:
Beach Volleyball
Simon Wheaton:
Snowy Mountains Scheme: Tumut 3 Power Station
Robin Wilson:
The Glens of Foudland Wind Farm
John Wilson:
Crystal Palace Transmitter
Keith Wilson:
Always On
Chris Witzani:
Brown Coal Power Plant
Krzysztof Wojciechowski:
Eric Wong:
Jan van der Woning:
Afval Energie Bedrijf or Waste and Energy Company


Feng Yansu:
Solar Energy Transportation Traffic Light
Keiji Yokotani:
Solar Cooker
Walker Young:
TLS Booster (NSRRC)
Fung Yu:
18th Century Pipe Organ in San Agustin Church


Jerzy Zamora:
Family - Source of My Energy
Stefania Zangrando:
All of Us
Victor Zaveduk:
"Nuclear Energy" • Sculpture by Henry Moore.

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