Elevation (June 18-22, 2008)

Elevation - Contributions by Photographer’s Name



Russ Addie:
The Rail Yard
Chas Adlard:
The Whispering Wall
Robert Julian Agnel:
National Aboriginal Day in Canada
Ugur Akbulut:
Dome Of Cağaloğlu Hamamı
Rodrigo Alarcón-Cielock:
Elevating a Prayer
Dave Albright:
Elevation - Water
Pat Albright:
Elevation Growth
Markus Altendorff:
A Mixed Outlook
Milko K. Amorth †:
Twin Falls
Patricio Armijo:
Laguna del Inca
A Y R T O N:
Eldorado Business Tower
Nurcan Azaz:


G. Donald Bain:
Waterfall Overlook
Michael Bajko:
Our Pantry & the Elevation of Food Prices
Joel M. Baldwin:
Yosemite Valley from Eyehook Point
Viktor Balogh:
Camping at the Lookout Tower of Sasto
Mark Banas:
Elevating Our Panohead Community
Zoltán Bánfalvy:
200 Metres Above the "Hungarian Sea"
Peter A. Barnes:
Lucia Bazan:
Evergreen Commons Park - Children's playground
Toits d'ardoises - Slate roofs
Harald Bendschneider:
Artful Elevation of Very Old Beams
Luis Benitez:
Elevated Above My Place
Kat Bennett:
Opera at the Ballpark
Landis Bennett:
Except for Kilimanjaro...
Charles C. Benton:
The Spiral Jetty
Ingemar Bergmark:
Too Tired to Walk
Florian Bertzbach:
Upstairs - Downstairs
Claudia Betschart:
Orange Wave Over Basel
F. Sean Bickford:
Thunder Bay Lookout
Edward Bigelow:
Napili High
Robert Bilsland:
1,395 ft and 3 hours, 33 minutes 'til the Solstice
Andrew Bodrov:
Rodrick Bond:
The High Life
Patrick Born:
Elevation--Corpus Christi Backyard, Texas
Norma Boylan:
An Ancient Beach
Christian Braut:
SDA Decoration Showroom
Hennes Brütt:
Derelict Elevator
Wil Brugman:
"Hoeg Brögk"
Marc Buchalter:
San Francisco Bay from Angel Island
Boštjan Burger:
Collapsed Waterfall


Nicolas Calluaud:
Angel's Bay
Ricardo Cambón:
VIGO - A Guia
Bruce Cantrall:
"Elevation Disaster" in Lake Delton, WI
Joby Catto:
The Singing Ringing Tree: a Panopticon for Burnley
Carlos Chegado:
Sesimbra Castle
Uri Cogan:
Richard Crowest:
The Weald of Kent from the Wye Downs


John G. Dobbins:
Stairway to Heaven - 360 Cellars
John Dotta:
Mission San Francisco Solano
Richard C. Drew:
Home is where the Roof is


Mark Fink:
Mohonk Sky Top Tower
Edward S. Fink:
The National Museum of the United States Air Force
Francis Fougere:
Hamilton Skyline from the Mountain
András L. Frenyo:
National Cathedral
Martin Frost:
Sea Towers
W.D. Fuchs:
High Rope Garden


Oleg Gaponyuk:
Jesus Christ Statue from Height of the Bird's Flight
Toni Garbasso:
Baby Eye View
Antonio Victor Garcia-Serrano, PhD:
Elche from Above: a.k.a. Elche's Skyline
Peter Gawthrop:
Port Mor
Caroling Geary:
Raising Vibrations
James Gentles:
Cairnpapple Prehistoric Burial Site
Christopher Glick:
Kurio Remington Village, 10th Floor
Wim Gombeer:
Slag Heap Beringen-Mijn
Roberto Gómez Torres:
The North Sierra - Lajajalpan River
Felipe González y Aura Castro:
Azul y Oro
Nick Gordon:
Altijd Verse Vis
Mauro Goulart:
High Tide, Low Sun
Marc Gruber:
Elevator to Heaven


Sven Hafner:
Henderson Waves
Hans Hagen:
Building My Studio
Hironori Hagiwara:
Tappi Lighthouse - Part 2 (竜飛崎灯台 第二章)
Jin Hai 金海:
High Point of View
Gabi Haindl:
Solstice - Highest Elevation Angle of the Sun
Karl Harrison:
Flying over a Virtual Oxford
Tim Hatch:
Old San Marcos Pass
K. Wayne Heil:
Above Baltimore's Inner Harbor
Dan Heimsoth:
Haw River
Roger Hein:
Lock #41
Don Hofstee:
John Houghton:
London Gliding Club
John J Housser:
Ditch Pig - Mountain Biking
Martin Hrdlička:
Real Aerial Panorama
Edward Huff:
Marc W. Huff:
Mahoney Tower
Michael Hundrieser:
Highway Elevation
Eduardo Hutter:
The Mountain (yes, with a capital M)


Andrey Ilyin:
Russian Clockwork Matroshka Beat Dutch Clockwork Orange
Sachio Izumi:
The Elevation of the Modern Architecture


Bill Jr:
Negative Elevation


Willy Kaemena:
Elevated View of Lisbon
Yoshiyuki Kaneko:
My Island
Dean Karamehmedovic:
Haiku Stairs "Stairway to Heaven"
Kato Kazuhiro:
Highway Under Construction
Jan Willem Kattenbeld:
Henk Keijzer:
Ian Kerr:
Lower Precinct
Dieter Kik:
Menez Hom
Rikuichi Kishimoto:
Triangular Building
Bert Knops:
Railway Bridge of Moresnet
Randy Kosek:
Elevation of Conflict
Erik Krause:
1000m Above the City
Markus Krueger:
Dead Cherry Tree and a Stepladder


Juhani Laiho:
Mil Mi-8 Helicopter
Eva LaMar:
Height of Passion for Wetlands
Charles M. (Chuck) Lampman:
That's Money on the Walls and Ceiling!
Tom Lassiter:
Sauratown Mountain
Jean Guy Lathuilière:
Upper Skies
Rusu Laurentiu:
Cultural Heights
John Law:
Caen Hill Flight
Tom Lechner:
Portland's Rooftop
Jesse Lee 李景超(鱼眼龙):
Confidence in Life
Brooks Leffler:
High on Hurricane Point
Jook Leung:
The Arsenal in Central Park
Yuval Levy:
I Love Heights, I Love Cats, and I Need a Plan C!
Yischon Liaw:
Philadelphia City Hall Tower
Jann Lipka:
Karl Johans Slussen
Jaume Llorens:
La torre del rem (Banyoles Lake)
Joakim Löber:
An Elevated View of the Town
Bo Lorentzen:
Geyser at Yellowstone National Park
Marco Luethi:
Domingos Luna:


Serge Maandag:
Okidoki, Let's Go Up!
Simon Maguire:
Roberto Mancuso:
The highest place where poking your nose
Jeffrey S. Martin:
Flying Above Prague in a Mini Balloon
Markus Matern:
3.25M Above Ground Level
Jürgen Matern:
Geoff Mather:
Flying Bongos
John McKenzie McIntosh:
Ardlair Stone Circle
Doug McLauchlan:
Skaha Bluffs
Ken McMahon:
Porthgwarra Cliffs
Nick Milligan:
Hanging Rock
Gregory Moine:


Nakaoka Hideto:
Candle Night in Tokyo
Joachim Nickel:
AquaDom Elevator
Bjørn Kåre Nilssen:
Flock of Wild Carpets
Akila Ninomiya:
Kamogawa Noryo-Yuka
Jakob Norstedt-Moberg:
An Elevated View in an Elevating Landscape
Erich Nussbaumer:
View from Hochwacht Tower near Albis Pass
Hans Nyberg †:
Mols Bjerge - Nationalpark in Denmark
Peter Nyfeler:
Elevated Panorama Knowledge


Peter O'Donnell:
Brian O'Reilly:
When You Are 6 Months Old - Everything Above 68 Cm. is Elevation
Gary O'Brien:
Elevating Charlotte's Skyline


Nikos Pachtas:
Elevation through Modern Art
Rodolpho Pajuaba:
Elevation Rocks!!
Orlando Palencia:
Sunday Morning Above the City
Jaap Pameyer:
Flexlay Vessel Seven Seas
Hubert Pawlowski:
The French Feast of Musique
Laura Pearson:
Mushroom Rock
Julian Pecenco:
Franklin Mountain Hawkwatch
Steve Pendleton:
Checking for Gas
Seb Perez-Duarte:
Indoor Elevations
Clemens Pfeiffer, MBA:
Looking Down Buchberg
Georg Pickartz:
That Hill Creeps
Eva Pitt:
St. James's University Hospital
Tom Pollak:
High Wire Street Performance
Piotr Popik:
Elevation... Spiritual
Antonino Del Popolo:
Sacra di San Michele
Vladimir Popov:
Fearless Skydivers
Bruno Postle:
Stanage Edge
Tommy Poung:
The Peak Hong Kong
Harshal Purohit:
The World's Highest Panorama


Carsten T. Rees:
North-Western Face of the Feldberg
Robert Reese:
2/3 Way There!
Tord Remme:
Elevated View of Bodø, Salten and Landego
Iñaki Rezola:
John Riley:
Glendale Shoals of the Lawson's Fork
Rolf Ris:
St. Gotthard - Divides Europe
Pat Rooney:
The Barn Loft
George Row:
Baseline Ireland
Dan Ruettimann:
Shawnee Mission Park Observation Tower
jose pedro russo:
This Driver has been Elevated to Heaven (he is dead)


Gerardo A. Sanchez:
On Top of the Dome / En la cima del domo
Andy Savage:
View from The heights of Abraham
David Schaubert:
A View from Mount Elden
Mario W. Schild:
Ready for Takeoff
Reinhard Schmolze:
Difference in Elevation: 30 Meters
Martin Schweda:
Fulvio Senore:
Guglia di Mezzodì
Miguel Sepúlveda:
A Vista de Pajaro
Norman Shapiro:
Elevate Your Ride
Thomas K Sharpless:
Skyscape Platform
Hiroharu Shizuya:
There is no paper...
Pedro Silva:
Lisboa seen from the Sheraton
Matt Smith:
6ft Under
Aaron Spence:
North Head, Sydney Harbour
Alexander Spielberg:
Citi Tower Court Square
Shawn Steigner:
11,000 Feet Above Puget Sound
Peter Stephens:
Elevated view over Exeter Quay from Colleton Crescent
Michael Stoss:
View over Wienerwald
Tom! Striewisch:
From Profane to Sacral
Ken Stuart:
Far Above Cayuga's Waters
Pat Swovelin †:
The Impossible Stairs
Maciej G. Szling:
Czarny Staw


Eugene Tanner:
The Makapu'u Lookout
Michel Thoby:
Le Sacré-Coeur de Marie: Elevation 7.6 m
Alexander Thomsen:
Elevation Base


Alessandro Ugazio:
A New Sundial in Perinaldo


Andrew Varlamov:
Military Cemetery on the Northern Slope
Koen Verschaeren:
Above the River Rupel
Bernhard Vogl:
Elevation 2034m: The 5 Fingers
Hans von Weissenfluh:
Basilca della Santissima Annunziata del Vastato


Richard Wall:
Bowman's Hill Tower
Jim Watters:
Major Hill Park
Kathy Wheeler:
The Long Final
Paul Wigginton:
Howard Wilkinson:
Roseberry Topping
John Wilson:
Shooters Hill
Robin Wilson:
Kinnaird Head Castle Lighthouse
Chris Witzani:
KölnTriangle Observation Deck
Stefan Woinke:
Radio Tower
Jan van der Woning:
Dutch Soccer Team Scores 1-1


Keiji Yokotani:
Sapporo TV Tower
Walker Young:
Mt. Chising Main Peak (Seven Star Mountain) 七星山主峰
Fung Yu:
The Official First Kiss
Kazuyoshi Yura:
At the Top of Mt.Kurodake


Victor Zaveduk:
Sunday Morning Under The "L"
Kresimir Zimonic:

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