Wrinkle Tribute (December Solstice - 0608 UT, 22 December 2007 +/- 12 h)

Wrinkle Tribute - Contributions by Photographer’s Name



Russ Addie:
The Square
Robert Julian Agnel:
Iron Mask - Winter Solstice 2007
Rodrigo Alarcón-Cielock:
Times of the Wrinkle
Dave Albright:
Wrinkle in Time 2007
Markus Altendorff:
Last Minute
Milko K. Amorth †:
Christmas Light Conescape
Eric Anderson:
Christmas Lights
Patricio Armijo:
Santiago Historic Quarter
Lars Arned:
Christmas Market Under a Bridge
Bryant Arnett:
Where Was I During the Solstice?
A Y R T O N:
Nurcan Azaz:
Kuruçeşme Park at 2.00 pm


G. Donald Bain:
Michael Bajko:
Solstice Sun
Joel M. Baldwin:
Holiday Season in Old Sac
Viktor Balogh:
Palace of Arts Budapest
Peter A. Barnes:
Winter Solstice 2007 in Milford
Peter Baumber:
St Mark's Square
Lucia Bazan:
Underground Winter Solstice
Margaret Bazura:
Moonlight Brighter Than City Lights
Kat Bennett:
Night Time Pause
Landis Bennett:
Focusing on Time
Briar Bentley:
Clock Museum and Sundial
Ingemar Bergmark:
Lens Gazing
Claudia Betschart:
Getting Ready for the Day
Edward Bigelow:
Hawaiian Sugar
Robert Bilsland:
A Misty Malvern Morning with Elgar
Andrew Bodrov:
Good Morning!
Patrick Born:
4,000 Year-old Rock Painting: White Shaman of the Lower Pecos River
Rubens Brandão:
Pedra do Cruzeiro
Christian Braut:
Our House
Boštjan Burger:
Sleepy Ljubljana...


Nicolas Calluaud:
Ricardo Cambón:
Lighthouse of Fisterra
Paul Cowley:
Christmas in the Square
Richard Crowest:
The Churchyard of St Gregory & St Martin, Wye


Frank van Dam:
First Snow in Winter
William M. Delabarre:
Where Giants Once Stood
Arie P. de Ruiter:
Wrinkle Time in Vondelpark, Amsterdam
Vivek Dev Burman:
Women's Finals, National Grasscourt Tennis Championship
Alexander Dichev:
Christmas and New Year Lights of Varna
Bernd Dohrmann:
Starry Sky
John Dotta:
During the Solstice
Richard C. Drew:
Home for the Holidays
Michel du Chesne:
Mirror Telt to Leipzig, Saxonia


Colin Ewington:
Bourke Street


John Fellers:
Relic of a Bygone Era
Edward S. Fink:
First Snowman of Winter
Francis Fougere:
Église de St. Hubert
Devlin Francis:
Emergency Preparedness Exhibit at Night
András L. Frenyo:
Finishing Touches
W.D. Fuchs:
At the Crossways
Guillaume Fulchiron:
Bar du Coucou
Tom Fulmer:
Penn Square


Toni Garbasso:
Watching Christmas Lights
Caroling Geary:
Color Healing with iBar TetraHelix
Elizabeth Gentile:
A Day in the Life
James Gentles:
At Home
Denis Gliksman:
Place de l'Eglise, 10 years after ...
Wim Gombeer:
Roberto Gómez Torres:
Pacifica Beach Resort
Felipe González y Aura Castro:
Invierno Chilango
Nikolay Grabchuk:
Cape Fiolent
Yannis Guillon:


Hans Hagen:
Winter in Seljord
Gabi Haindl:
Tim Hatch:
Veterans War Memorial, Huneke Park
K. Wayne Heil:
All About Time
Dan Heimsoth:
Too Late
Roger Hein:
Memorial Park
Klaus Herr:
Cool Morning in Muehlbachtal
Aldo Hoeben:
Grote Markt
Don Hofstee:
A-Church Groningen
Roger Howard:
Wrinkled Bed
Martin Hrdlička:
Preparing for Christmas Dive
Hu Qing Yun:
International Conference Center
Yaoming Hu:
Fudan University
Marc W. Huff:
Wrinkle Chaos
Michael Hundrieser:
Former Love Now Wrinkled
Eduardo Hutter:
The Old Port Turns into Winter


Andrey Ilyin:
Strangers in the Cafe


aleksandar janicijevic:
Sam Pollock Square
Anders Jiras:
Bryuvangs Pagoda


Willy Kaemena:
Cold Winter
Yoshiyuki Kaneko:
Only Mr. Santa
Kato Kazuhiro:
Tottori Sand Dune Illumination 2007
Jan Willem Kattenbeld:
Course Bridge
Henk Keijzer:
Huys te Warmont
Ian Kerr:
Coventry Cathedral
Andrey Kharuk:
Surf Rescue Team Boats
Dieter Kik:
Megalithes Dolmen + Menhir in North South Direction
Helge Kippenberg:
Hanover Central Station
Blaž Kodelja:
Scent of a Winter
Wim Koornneef:
"De Kleistee"
Randy Kosek:
Christmas at the Capitol
Erik Krause:
Solstice Constructions
Markus Krueger:
Winter Garden
Jan Kurschewitz:
Frosty Fairy Forest
Stefan Kuzmanov:
Christkindlmarkt 2007, Rathausplatz, Wien


Juhani Laiho:
On My Balcony
Jean Guy Lathuilière:
Roanne : Place de l'Hôtel de Ville / Town Hall square
Rusu Laurentiu:
Meet Cezar
Tom Lechner:
At One of Santa's Way Stations
Jesse Lee 李景超(鱼眼龙):
Panning on a Drum-Shaped Aquarium
Brooks Leffler:
The Best Laid Plans...
John Leith:
Sunrise at the Ring of Brodgar
Jook Leung:
Fulton Ferry Landing
Yuval Levy:
Solstice Party
Yischon Liaw:
St. Peter's Pikeland United Church of Christ
Gang Liu:
Wrinkle Tribute
Joakim Löber:
One Second on the Zeil
Paco Lorente:
To the Market
Bo Lorentzen:
Larchmont Blvd at 10:08pm


Serge Maandag:
A Touch of Magic...
Roberto Mancuso:
Wrinkle Around Christmas
Keith Martin:
Wimbledon Common
John McKenzie McIntosh:
Sculpture at Kings College
Frost on the First Day of Winter
Gregory Moine:
Warm Winter in Mexico
Lennart Mollerstrom:
The Largest X-Mas Tree in the World
Mike Morper:
Welcome to Wagon Wheel Canyon


Nakaoka Hideto:
Ueno Ameyoko Market
Joachim Nickel:
Bridge to Spandau
Bjørn Kåre Nilssen:
Time Wrinkle
Akila Ninomiya:
"GARA-GARA", a Famous Japanese Lottery Wheel
Jakob Norstedt-Moberg:
The Main Square of Örnsköldsvik, Sweden, at 07:08AM
Peter Nyfeler:
Frozen Lake Early in the Morning


Peter O'Donnell:
What's Happening
Vincent Ogloblinsky:
Marc Elder Place by Night
Markus Ortner:
Shortest Night at the Tremischer Pond


Paul Palmer:
Zero Point
Hubert Pawlowski:
Winter Solstice in Alps
Mark Pearson:
Jerome Hotel
Laura Pearson:
Steve's Guitars
Julian Pecenco:
Preparing for the Holidays
Steve Pendleton:
Christmas in Nottingham
Seb Perez-Duarte:
Quiet Solstice
Piotr Popik:
Brushwood Near Our House
Vladimir Popov:
1980's Style Gallery
Bruno Postle:
Twilight at Sheffield Children's Hospital
Tommy Poung:
Sam Tung Uk Museum


Peter Rees:
Es ist kalt...an der Ahr
Carsten T. Rees:
Ich steh an deiner Krippe hier
Robert Reese:
Too Little, Too Late
Iñaki Rezola:
Early in the Morning
Rolf Ris:
In the City at 7:08 am
Randy Rogers:
50,000+ Lights in Colorado Springs
Pat Rooney:
Mele Kalikimaka!
George Row:
Dawn over Grianan of Aileach
Peter Ryder:
Inside an Ancient Nuraghe: Losa


Gerardo A. Sanchez:
From the Roof of My House / Desde el techo de mi casa
David Schaubert:
Flagstaff Arizona from Mars Hill
Mario W. Schild:
St.-Quirin-Platz, U-Bahn Station
Jim Scott:
Vineyard at the Solstice
Sasa Sekulic:
Roommates at Giardini Margherita
Norman Shapiro:
Wrinkle in Time Tribute
Hiroharu Shizuya:
Ambient Candle Park
Philip Silver:
Novotel Cardiff
Aaron Spence:
Gold Coast Seaway
Alexander Spielberg:
Our Lady of Mercy Church, Forest Hills New York
Shawn Steigner:
Clock Tower in Holiday Dressing
Tom! Striewisch:
Cold Outside
Ken Stuart:
WoWing in Good Company
Pat Swovelin †:
On the Road to Eugene, Oregon


Yoshito Takagi:
An Inconvenient Truth?
Michel Thoby:
A380 is Near Landing Where She was Born
Dudu Tresca:
Ian Trowbridge:
The London Eye
Tommy Turner:
Holiday Lights


Peter van de Haar:
Graves and Snow
Andrew Varlamov:
Ice Near Pier
Garret Veley:
Visiting the Old Treehouse
Joachim Vollmer:
Dawn Near the Airport


Richard Wall:
Bethlehem Sleeping
Jim Watters:
Unknown Soldier
Simon Wheaton:
Canberra, Australia's Capital City
Robin Wilson:
Marine Operations Centre
Chris Witzani:
Panorama Office
Jan van der Woning:
Christmas Tree
Matt Wronkiewicz:
Afternoon on the Ventura Pier


Keiji Yokotani:
15:08 from the Roof of My Apartment
Walker Young:
Lotus Park, Erchong Floodway, 二重疏洪道 荷花公園
Fung Yu:
Waiting for the Green Light


Victor Zaveduk:
Dawgs or Donuts on a Winter's Solstice Night
Kresimir Zimonic:

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