(March 18-28, 2010)

The World Wide Panorama

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Sorry, there is no introduction for this event.

Theme Essay: Food

The essay conveys the team’s idea of the event. It is usually published together with the Theme announcement and offers a starting point for the contributing photographers.

WWP March 2010 - Theme Essay: Food

Food — now we're talkin'!

Everything about it. Its production, distribution, preparation, consumption and eventual disposal.

And by that I mean: Human food. Animal food. Pet food. Insect food. Fish food. Military food. Prison food. Hospital food. Airport food. Food for the soul. Food for the mind. The food industry. Agribusiness. How is it grown? How is it manufactured? How is it packaged? How is it transported (locally, nationally and internationally)? How is it imported/exported? What happens to it along the way? How is it certified for human consumption? What happens when it goes bad? What do astronauts eat? What do they eat on submarines under the North Pole ice cap? What do climbers eat when nailed to a cliff 3,000' feet in the air? How is frozen food manufactured on a commercial basis? TV dinners. Microwave dinners. How do you protect against insects destroying your crop(s)? Pesticides, chemical and natural. The chemical pesticide industry. Vegetarian food. Religious food. Ceremonial food. Food at events. Ethnic food. Food in the wild. Survival food. Prepared food in the market. Fresh food in the market. Roadside food stands run by farmers. Farmers' markets. Street food vendors. Chi-chi designer food at high-end restaurants. The food Mom used to make (it's always the best). Exotic food. Food that will kill you (i.e., poisonous plants and animals). Too much food. Too little food. Food as fashion. Food as a basic need. Restaurants, old and new. Snack food. Diet foot. Organic food. Natural food. Totally synthetic food. Spicy food. Bland food. Baby food. Food for the elderly. Food for the homeless. Food for disaster victims.

And finally, food for thought.

The opportunity for great and very colorful visuals of food is implicit in this event's theme but the theme is open to everything in the food chain to allow everyone the opportunity to participate based on what's available to them and that fits into their creative concept of food. So shoot what you want but whatever you wind up doing, just don't call me late for dinner.

Let's eat!

Pat Swovelin
World Wide Panorama Event Coordinator
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