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Quarter II/2021: History (revisited)

Why revisited?

This event is a re-issue of the original History event 10 years ago. We would like to see how this theme is interpreted nowadays. You can find the essay for the original History event below.

Essay for History (revisited)

Photography & Uploading: April 1 – June 30, 2021

The „Revisited“-series is a new series in the world wide panorama series. And as always, we are taking a close look at the words, squeezing several meanings out of the phrasing of the motto.

So let us start with „Revisited“. For the WWP-veterans the first meaning is rather obvious: Go back to the place, where you took your panorama for the first WWP-event „History” in September 2011 and take a new panorama there. Any notable changes? Any changes in your own personal perception of that spot?

Another approach to interpret the motto: There is a spot I particularly like, dislike, find interesting ... But I have never ever taken a panorama there. I always thought: “I should revisit this place sometime and take a panorama”. Well then, now´s your time – go ahead!

But can you only revisit places? In a more metaphorical sense, you can revisit ideas, concepts, stories et cetera … And you can revisit “History”.

Now then, what does history mean? Wikipedia says: History (from Greek ἱστορία, historia, meaning "inquiry; knowledge acquired by investigation") is the study of the past. And that is just the definition of the scientific discipline History.

There is also:

In Music there are songs, groups and albums called History. There are periodicals, television series, the command History in computing, the History of your web browser, your medical History and there is Pre-History.

There is even a feminist version of history: Herstory - unfortunately a term only English-speaking people can appreciate – or not.

Which history would you like to revisit? Please share your panorama and thoughts with us in the new World Wide Panorama Event – Revisited: History

 Credits: Many thanks to Chiara Masiero Sgrinzatto for the permission to use one of her drawn panoramas for the banner of the current event!

Essay for the original History event


by Boštjan Burger

History? Well, that question is already history. Everything that is past is history. How can we visualize history? Actually, that is really simple. As soon as you shoot photos for your panorama, even before you stitch them, the documented location is history already, looking from the time perspective. But seriously…let’s be creative. Have you ever shot a panorama and had a feeling that you already shot it before? It might happen that you visit your old family home where you spent your childhood and old memories come to mind. Yes, memories are strongly correlated with history. Do you remember panorama events from 2004 (The War to end All Wars) or from 2005 (Panoramas of World War II Landmarks, http://ww2panorama.org/ )? The idea for both events came from legendary panographer Mickael Therer. You can get some ideas from both events. I remember my presentation when I found photos of World War II with soldiers; I located them, shot the panorama from the exact location, and then merged the old photos into the modern panorama. You can find ideas in old town centers, old castles, historical places, abandoned factories, abandoned houses, cars, roads… what about the rubbish dump? Future archeologists will find incredibly interesting artifacts in rubbish dumps. If you give it a little creative thought you shouldn't have any trouble with ideas for the History event. Be creative and join in the WWP September 2011 challenge.

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