The World Wide Panorama

Participating in the World Wide Panorama
Uploading and Editing

How to Upload and Edit Your WWP Panorama

The period for submissions is announced on the World Wide Panorama Yahoo Group. Make sure that you are signed up for our mailing list there.


Submission is done with a web browser form. The preparation server allows you to register as a participant, upload your images, and type in the title, place, caption and other data. You can view it exactly as it will appear on the final site and make corrections right up to the deadline.

IF YOU PARTICIPATED BEFORE AND HAVE YOUR USER NAME AND PASSWORD: Go to the WWP Preparation Server and you can get started. If you've forgotten your password, follow the directions for a new account below and be sure to check the box saying you've participated in the WWP before.

IF YOU DO NOT ALREADY HAVE AN ACCOUNT on the WWP Preparation Server, go here to request one.

You will need to enter this basic information:

  • Your full name as it will be listed (e.g., Landis Bennett)
  • Your family name as it is sorted alphabetically (e.g., Bennett)
  • Desired password (or let the system suggest one for you)
  • Your contact email address - we won't make this one public. This is where your account information will be sent to.

Then click the "Sign me up" button and wait for one of us to email you your logon information.


Once you have input your basic information (above) you will need to wait for an email from one of the WWP admins. It will send you to the opening page of the WWP Preparation Server.

The first page you see after clicking edit and logging in will give you all the information that you need. The blue bar at the top of the page will allow you to navigate and edit any of your pages.


Thumbnails are generated by a separate process. They will be periodically updated, but may not appear until the final version.

When new information is added or changed, the WWP Application will set your entry to be approved by Landis, Markus, or Don. Until it is approved, it is taken off-line from the preview site. This is to avoid any problems that might arise from information being improperly edited. We will most likely be routinely approving these entries on a daily basis. While it's waiting to be approved, you will still have access to all of the information and can see it and edit it at any time.

Any questions specific to your account should be addressed to the WWP admin email address at Any general questions can be referred to either this address or the mailing list.

 Advanced Formatting: HTML vs pseudo-BBcode:

The WWP Application uses pseudo-BBcode for markup. BBcode is a form of markup used on bulletin boards and web-based forums. It allows the application to restrict the type of allowable markup so that malicious code and items that break page formats are not allowed into the web page. Our pseudo-BBcode (pBBcode) is very similar to HTML and will make editing your pages easier to do. It will even make links automatically for you.

Most participants won't notice this at all, but if you'd like to use markup for your pages this guide will help you out. The only part that will affect everybody is the hyperlinks - see the first table below.

Below are some examples of how this works inside the WWP Application:

Type Code Becomes
Automatic Hyperlinks Go to !
Note: always insert a blank at the end of the URL, even if a punctuation mark or line break follows!
Go to !
Hyperlinks [url][/url]
Hyperlinks w/ Text [url=""]
Click This Text[/url]
Click This Text
Line Breaks First


Text Format HTML pBBcode Example
Bold <b>This</b> [b]This[/b] This
Italics <i>This</i> [i]This[/i] This
Forced Line Break First<br>Second First[br]Second First
Horizontal Rule <hr> [hr]
Headline (h1) <h1>This</h1> [h1]This[/h1]


Headline (h2) <h2>This</h2> [h2]This[/h2]


Bullet Lists <ul>
# One Line 
# Another Line
(beginning of line
must have space)
  • One Line
  • Another Line