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The World Wide Panorama

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July 1 - September 30, 2014

Upcoming events:
  • Best of 2014
  • Open Photography: 1 January – 31 December 2014
  • Open Editing: 15-30 December 2014
  • Live: 1 January 2015
Recently Updated:
  • Ruins — 1 July-28 September 2014


The World Wide Panorama began in March 2004 and has become an ongoing series of events. Photography takes place on the solstices (longest and shortest days of the year) and equinoxes (day and night of equal length). Photographers all over the world are welcome to participate.
schematic A VR panorama (VR for virtual reality) is a specially created computer image that goes all the way around the viewer. It is a revolutionary way to document a particular place and time—they're next best thing to being there.

VR panoramas are interactive. Use the mouse to rotate the panorama, use Shift and Control to zoom in and out.

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All images are copyright by the individual photographers. Use in any way other than viewing on this web site is prohibited unless permission is obtained from the relevant photographer.

Images and panoramas are NOT in public domain, unless stated otherwise by the contributor! Photographers retain the rights to their work and any inquiries must be addressed to the individual participants. The WWP admin team does not provide contact information beyond what has been made public by the participants on their profile pages. Levels of permission for use of material on this site conforms to the Creative Commons licensing standard.

The overall site is copyright by the World Wide Panorama Foundation, a California Public Benefit Corporation.

The World Wide Panorama events were originally sponsored by the Geography Computing Facility at the University of California Berkeley, and hosted by The Geo-Images Project. The WWP is now run by the World Wide Panorama Foundation, a California Public Benefit Corporation.
This is a non-commercial project, done simply to create enthusiasm for VR photography, and provide an outlet for our collective creativity.

The World Wide Panorama was founded by Don Bain and Landis Bennett. Interactive maps and database programming by Markus Altendorff. Logo and region graphics by Kat Bennett. Google Earth management by Thomas Rauscher.