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About the Photographer

Dehua Yang
Beijing, China

Born in Beijing in 1953, learn to shoot panorama since 2000. Graduated from Beijing Second Foreign Language University in 1980, major in Germany.


wwp1208: Best Of 2008 / Full-Screen
Grottoes in Tianlongshan Mount.
Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, China
wwp607: Community / Full-Screen
Ready to Go
Wuyishan Mount., Fujian, China
wwp1206: Best of 2006 / Full-Screen
Zhenbao Island
Ussuri River, Heilongjiang, China
wwp306: Borders / Full-Screen
Border: The Moat of The Forbidden City
The Palace Museum, Beijing, China
wwp1205: Best of 2005 / Full-Screen
"Eight immortals Crossing the Sea"
Penglai, Shandong, China
wwp304: The Original WWP / Full-Screen
Members of Beijing Media Club
Beijing, China

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