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About the Photographer

Wim Gombeer
Seegers Gombeer Vormgeving
Leopoldsburg (Belgium)

I caught the panorama-bug more than 10 years ago when working with a rented Seitz 35mm Roundshot camera. Since then i like to work with both analog & digital camera's to create (panorama) images on assignments everywhere on this planet; my interests include people, landscapes, cooking, arts, architecture & photojournalism.



wwp908: Color / Full-Screen
Brick Lane
Borgerhout, Antwerp, Belgium
wwp608: Elevation / Full-Screen
Slag Heap Beringen-Mijn
Beringen-Mijn, Limburg, Belgium
wwp308: Beginnings / Full-Screen
The Orchard
Near Sint-Truiden, Belgium
wwp108: Wrinkle Tribute / Full-Screen
Leopoldsburg, Belgium
wwp1207: Best of 2007 / Full-Screen
38100ft above St. Petersburg, Russia
wwp907: Sustenance / Full-Screen
Work Hard, Relax Hard
Leopoldsburg, Belgium
wwp607: Community / Full-Screen
24heures du Mans
Le Mans, France
wwp307: Atmosphere / Full-Screen
Chinggis Khaan International Airport
Ulan Bataar, Mongolia
wwp1206: Best of 2006 / Full-Screen
Kabul Airport - 30th December 2006
Kabul, Afghanistan
wwp906: Transportation / Full-Screen
Peer, Belgium
wwp606: Gardens / Full-Screen
"Napoleon's" Garden
Kerkhoven-Lommel, Belgium
wwp306: Borders / Full-Screen
How to get out?
Beringen, Belgium
wwp905: Energy / Full-Screen
Near Bitburg, Germany very close to the Luxemburg border

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