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Steve Nilsen
Harstad, Norway


I'm from a little city up in North-Norway called Harstad. It located at 68,5 degrees north.

Started shoting "panoramas" back in 1992 or 1993 with a digital camera. Don't remember the name on the software i was using to stitch the images. The results was not great, paralax issues due to no knowledge about nodal point. Remember Apple launced the "panorama" support for mac a year later or so. Then I worked on the PC platform. Now my iMAC does the PTGUI work!

Still shooting panos in 2011. Now i got some more advanced equiptment. Gigapan Pro, NodalNinja and 8mm fisheyes! Life is great! =D

Visit my site, Regards Steve Nilsen http://www.stevenilsen.no



wwp911: History / Full-Screen
Lofoten, North-Norway
wwp1206: Best of 2006 / Full-Screen
Firehouse Tower (Toppen av brannastasjonen)
Harstad, Norway

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