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portrait Willy Kaemena
Clean Power for Clean Transport
Carregado Thermal Power Plant, Portugal
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The recently inaugurated thermal power plant Ribatejo in Carregado Portugal near to the capital Lisbon, belongs with its combined cycle process to the most efficient thermal power plants in the world.

Efficiency rate reaches 58% due to the combined process of a gas turbine and heat recovering steam generator ( boiler) which uses the exhaust of the gas turbine to generate high pressurized steam for a steam turbine. The use of natural gas combined with highly developed combustion processes, keeps emissions well below the latest requirements for NOx content in the exhaust gases. The output of the 3 new units together is almost 1200MW electrical power. The useful use of this electrical power can be seen directly in front of the plant where Portuguese high speed trains named Alfa Pendular are able to transport up to 15,000 passengers daily from and to Porto, the second largest city in Portugal.

Clean, safe, comfortable, cheap and fast, soon even faster when the new high speed line, which can be seen behind the passing train, will be completely ready and permitting a speed of 220km/h, shortening the time to Porto considerably and making the cleanest mode of transportation even better compared to all other means, like car and plane.

Location Map Geographic Coordinates:
Latitude: 39° 00' 40" N
Longitude: 008° 56' 59" W
Elevation: 6
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September 21,2005 - 10:18 GMT

Nikon D70 with Nikkor 8mm / 2.8 , 4 photos, on Monopod, in RAW mode, Photoshop, CubicConverter,CubicConnector Xblend, PTMac, , Mac Powerbook 17" 1.5

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