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portrait Dave Albright
Paddock Viaduct Bridge
North Main Street, Fort Worth, Texas, USA
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Copyright © 2004 Dave Albright, All Rights Reserved
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PADDOCK VIADUCT. The Paddock Viaduct, a Fort Worth bridge across the Trinity River, was built in 1914 and named in honor of Buckley Burton Paddock. Previously, travel over the river had been via low-water crossings and ferries, and later by a two-lane suspension bridge that was built in the 1890s. The Paddock Viaduct connects the downtown area with northern sections of the city. It was designed by the St. Louis firm of Benneke and Fay and was the first reinforced concrete arch in the United States to use self-supporting reinforcing steel. The bridge was later designated a Texas Historic Civil Engineering Landmark by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). It also received a Texas Historical Commission Marker in 1980. Bridge location recommended by John Roberts Architect, AIA Architecture in Downtown Fort Worth) and the Fort Worth Camera Club (1930) (FWCC)

Location Map Geographic Coordinates:
Latitude: 32° 45' 34" N
Longitude: 97° 20' 5" W
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19 September, 2004 1:15p Central Daylight Time (GMT -6)

Taken with Nikon 990 FC-E8 16mm mode, f 6.3 at 1/205 sec, Kaidan Kiwi990. Stitched: PTGui Panoweaver 3 and iSeemedia Photo Vista, PS CS, Panocube plus.

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