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portrait Milko K. Amorth †
Market Hall "Markthalle" since 1914
Stuttgart, Germany
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Copyright © 2005 Milko Amorth, All Rights Reserved
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The public market hall "Markthalle" in Stuttgart, Germany

Opened January 30th of 1914. This Art Nouveau construction was built by Prof. Martin Elsässer and comprises steel concrete trusses and a glass roof. The structure cost about 1.85 Mio. Goldmark at the time.

68.000 sqft. of commercial floor on 3 levels.
The ground level hosts 32 market booths selling fruits and vegetables, meats and deli made of beef, pork, game, bison, horse and fowels, dairy products and cheeses, spices, coffee and teas and other specialties from many countries like Italy, Greece, Spain, France, Kroatia, Serbia, Hungary, Turkey and Persia.

The balkony is home to 5 exclusive shops offering home and garden, art, jewelery, beauty shop and coiffeur as well as 3 restauraunts.

This saturday morning was particularily quiet. There have been more open markets surrounding this unique marketplace, nearby. We, that is Stefan Kokemüller and I have been shooting this as a joint venture project. To see more of this market venture, check out his contribution as well. It has been fun.

Location Map Geographic Coordinates:
Latitude: 48° 46' 34" N
Longitude: 09° 10' 47" E
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2005-03-19 T09:20:44 MEZ

Canon EOS1ds, Sigma8, Monopod, 3 shots, iso400 ,1/20-f8, Panotools, PS,

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