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portrait Waleed Nassar
The Giza Pyramids
On top of the middle Pyramid of the Queens, Giza Pyramids Plateau, Giza, Egypt
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Copyright © 2004 Waleed Nassar, All Rights Reserved
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I've been to see the Giza Pyramids many times and every time I enter the main gate of the Giza plateau I feel I've passed through a time gate. Leaving behind me the noisy 21st Century and entering a quiet 4,000 year old civilization.
The more you walk between the monuments the more you realise nothing has changed here. The tourists and the buses that brought them are insignificant next to the pyramids.

I sneaked my way up the middle pyramid of the 3 Queen's Pyramids. In front of me lay the 3 Giza Pyramids and behind me was still the insignificant 21st century city. This is when I realized that I could be standing here on 20th March 1904 or even 3004 and still the picture will not change.

I'm sharing my world for the World Wide Panorama viewers by removing anything that might distract you from the feeling I had while I was looking from top of the pyramid. A QTVR without colour or audio.

Location Map Geographic Coordinates:
Latitude: 29° 58' 42" N
Longitude: 31° 8' 10" E
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12:05 pm (10:00 am GMT)

Nikon cp990, Nikon Fish-eye FC-E8, Kaiden Kiwi-990, NeatImage, Pano Tools with PT Gui, Pano Cube, Photoshop, QuickTime Pro.

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