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portrait Caroling Geary
Sending Blessings from the Beach
Deer Lake State Park, Emerald Coast, NW Florida, USA
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This worldwide panorama was made up of online views of our worlds, both inner and outer. Walking on the beach, grateful for the beauty, I wish you were here. I'm sending blessings. I stand between Deer Lake and the Gulf of Mexico, whose waters often flow together, wondering how the place and my experiences interact. I'm but a faint flicker to this place that endures for ages. My quest to visualize the workings of mind and processes of being started long before I came here and continues when I leave. Yet at this moment, how does it feel to be here and wish my happiness spread far and wide? How do the processes look? Specifically, how does it look to speed up the Tetrahedronal Lilght Muscle of the Brain Cell, in the light of the Pineal Lantern of the mind?

The panorama used to show my inner-world vision in Flash movie superimposed on outer-world stitched photos of place. If you get it, we'll have synthesis. The vision was a transparent veil admitting the outer. The blowing sand ripples and rhythmic waves resonate with the ecology of mind.

I still call this Blessings Beach, although the visions in the Flash track are no longer visible, you can perhaps have some of your own. This location is the area seen across the lake to the south from the March 2004 equinox WWP panorama. See it here: March 2004

One lake west from Deer Lake is Eastern Lake. It is the setting for Eyes in Back of Head, a movie that I would have entered, except that making it required two panoramas.

Behind the scene : how this panorama was made

Location Map Geographic Coordinates:
Latitude: 30° 18' 04" N
Longitude: 086° 04' 48" W
Elevation: 8 feet
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24 November, 2005 at 11:24 a.m. local time

Canon 300D (Digital Rebel) SLR camera, EF-S 10-22mm lens at 22mm, RAW. IS0 100. 1/250 sec at f/18. Focal length 22 mm. Photoshop CS and QuickTime VR Authoring Studio for processing and stitching panorama. Macromedia Flash 8 for animation. QuickTime 7 Pro to composite the tracks. Macintosh computer: Dual2.7 GHz Power PC G5.

See this page for details about the vision quest:

Web site:

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